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  The 1st Sakura / Sinko Joint Seminar held in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sinko Industries, a Japanese leading AHU/FCU manufacturer, and Sakura Corporation, having been successfully expanding overall air conditioning equipment business under Sakura brand in overseas markets, have jointly been working to penetrate into those emerging markets in these years.

Recently, such continued effort has reached a successful fruition to obtain an architectural plan from a five-star hotel to be built in Dhaka, capital city, and in Chittagong, a principal city, of Bangladesh.

Taking such an opportunity, the two companies convened a Sakura/Sinko Joint Seminar at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel there, under a full cooperation being extended by Sakura Power Limited, MN Tech Engineering, Transco Engineers.

On November 14, 2017, the day when the Seminar was held, almost 60 attendees from a wide sphere, such as business-concerned, owner of the project, designing/engineering companies, construction companies, educational institute related person, mass media and so on gathered together.

Sinko new model GSRC demonstrated at the seminar, the latest energy-saving type fan coil unit adopting an Inverter type EC motor (*maximum 70% energy saving being compared to ordinary item of the same company) presentation given by Mr. Naoto Nagai, special guest being invited from Sinko Industries, has guaranteed main focus of those attendees.

As an electricity charge in Bangladesh has been about ¥20/kWh, immensely high among those developing countries, the fan coil unit being introduced by Sinko in the seminar shall be very promising item in the market toward future.

Sakura Corporation have been committed to expand the business range in Bangladesh by supplying those relative supportive items to Sinko products for various chiller units, VRF system, domestic/home air conditioners and so on.

Through such joint effort by Sakura and Sinko, market-developing effort shall be continued to catch up with any new market needs and similar demand in the market place by concluding each business possibility.

Sinko-Sakura, Japan & Bagladesh Teams

Seminar Guests

Chief Guest Speech: Mr. Kazuaki Hama
(CEO of Sakura Corporation)

Guest of Honor Speech: Mr. Sabur Khan
(Chairman of Daffodil International University)

Special Guest Presentation: Mr. Naoto Nagai
(GM of Sinko Industries)

Special Guest Speech: Mr. Mabud Sarker
(GM of Sakura Corporation)

Guest Speaker: Mr. KD.Kabirul Huque
(MD of Confidence Trade)

Chief Guest shaking hand with Guest of Honor

Seminar Guests

Seminar Welcome Team

Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Chittagong

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